Offer to districts, cities and communities provides a ridesharing portal to districts, cities and communities for a flat rate of EUR 5,000 per year. The ridesharing portal can easily and quickly be integrated into an existing website. Right from the start, the provided offer gives access to the already existing ridesharing advertisements within (approx. 3 million per year).
The integration of the ridesharing portal makes a valuable contribution to protect the environment and complements the transport offer with a reliable transport alternative to the existing infrastructure.
Setting up and creating the system is free of charge. All user support is carried out by For the community/district, the integration of the ridesharing portal does not incur any additional costs or work other than the flat rate listed above. The system is completely free for the user. If desired, can optionally create additional independent apps (Android, iOS), but then charge a further EUR 500.00 each per month for this.
For test purposes, the ridesharing portal can be integrated into a website at any time free of charge. Please contact us to receive the code required for this.

Link to public transport:

The ridesharing offers from can also be linked to other means of transport via a data interface, e.g. in third-party mobility portals as a feeder to public transport. See also and
The ridesharing offers from are already being issued to third parties in several projects and combined with public transport (intermodal) or at least displayed in addition to public transport (multimodal).
A link to public transport has already been established at:

In implementation at MVV:

Integration of offers from other ridesharing portals: integrates the ridesharing advertisements of other ridesharing portals. This offers the user the best possible and largely provider-neutral overview of ridesharing advertisements in their region. If a user is interested in an external advertisement, he is beeing forwarded to the corresponding external ridesharing portal in which the advertisement was originally advertised. So far, the ridesharing portals and have been integrated. If desired, others can be integrated (e.g. regional projects/offers).

Examples of integration of a ridesharing solution in communities:

interactive map display:

The ridesharing advertisements can be entered and selected quickly and intuitively by the user via an interactive map display.
Example South-West Germany


We would be happy to present our options and the range of functions to you in an appointment (video conference). If you are interested in an interview, please send us two alternative suggested dates that suit you.
Please contact us if you are interested in a ridesharing solution for your region.
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